How to refund and note about what to pay attention to

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Elecbee supports worry-free return and security.

If you want to return, please refer to the following process.

1.Contact our customer service in time, email

2.Contact us to get the return address. When returning, You need to fill in the following information:

     Product ID: EB-


     Invoice number: #IN

     Product amount:

     Return certificate: (delivery method and tracking number)

3.When we receive your order, we will check the quantity and whether it has been used. If everything is normal, we will contact you for a refund (not including the shipping cost of the order).

Our refund process is optimized for speed. By default, refund requests are sent back to the original payment method used, and refunds are returned to your original payment account. The estimated time for a refund to be returned to your account depends on the payment method you choose when placing your order. We will notify you by email after your refund request has been approved.

Generally, we don’t accept unexcused returns, but if we send the wrong goods, missed goods, or damage, you can contact us for consultation. If the goods have not been issued yet, you can return directly, but if you ship the goods, you can’t refund them. Customized products are not acceptable. If you must refund, we will charge the order 10 % of the loss, if you have any needs in this area, please contact us for consultation.

The shipping cost of the return is subject to your responsibility, we will bear the freight for the return caused by us, such as quality problems; for the return caused by the customer, the customer should be responsible for the freight. If you want to return only one or two products, it is recommended that you use them elsewhere instead of shipping them back to us.

PS: If the returned goods have tax, you need to bear the responsibility. It is recommended that you fill in the customs clearance amount to reduce the tax dispute.

Since the shipping cost has already been generated, the shipping cost is not refundable and you should be responsible for the return shipping costs. In the case of a free shipping order, we will deduct the corresponding shipping fee from the refund.
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